Bootle Containers Invests In A Guillotine

Sacré bleu! A guillotine? Don’t worry, we’re not bringing back that old-school French contraption! We have just got a Amada GSII 840 guillotine! Pretty exciting eh?

What is a Amada GSII 840 guillotine you ask? Well that’s a very good question and here at Bootle Containers we are the best people to answer it.

After our recent investment of the new Amada 4m press brake, which is a very impressive bit of kit we decided to splash out on something else a bit fancier.

The Amada GSII 840 guillotine is the leading piece of equipment when it comes to sheet metal cutting and we feel confident that our new investment will benefit our customers greatly.

With a cutting thickness for steel a nifty 8 mm and a 4 metre plus capacity this will mean greater precision, better accuracy of cut components and reduced lead times. All of which are massive advantages for our customers.

It’s Not All About The Technology At Bootle Containers

Although advancements in science and technology make jobs a lot easier it means nothing without skilled workers. Here at Bootle Containers our workforce is carefully selected for their qualifications, expertise and dedication.

Having industry approved welders as well as designers that are proficient in state of the art 3D drawing and modelling software we are able to offer the best service to our customers.

Give Our Amada GSII 840 Guillotine A Try

If you’ve got something (not someone) in mind for our guillotine then give us a call! Once we’ve knocked together a great quality container we can fit it with an array of things like electronics, pneumatics and hydraulics so don’t be scared to ask.

We won’t shout ‘off with his head’ if you ask us to turn your bespoke container into a kitchen or a decontamination unit! Call us on 0151 922 0610 today!



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