Life Before Freight Containers

Try if you can to imagine a time without freight containers. Us humans have always had the urge to travel and move across the world. Starting with the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans, we have always needed to move large amounts of goods to and from places. Back then, we moved around very precious cargo like, jewels, gold and even spices and silk. These things were priceless but the way we transported them left a lot to be desired.

You’ve probably seen the old fashioned way in a scene from a film. Barrels and barrels being carried up and down a gangplank by flustered dock workers. Huge rat infested crates and sacks of grain that have been nibbled open! Thank God that is all in the past!


Global Domination Of The Freight Container

With the way things work now it’s not easy to imagine how things used to be before freight containers. Now days we have standard sized and shaped freight containers that all sit together perfectly during transport by ship. We even build ships especially for them! Then once they get to their destination they fit perfectly on trucks and trains so they can continue their safe journey. It’s a one size fits all kind of deal and the only reason it worked is because the freight container went global!


Bespoke Bootle Containers

The freight container has been so successful that it is now used in many forms across numerous different types of sectors. It’s easy to transport and can be transformed into literally anything you like. A bespoke container can be made specifically for you and can have added extras so that it fits your needs perfectly. We cater to everyone in the container industry so if you need a freight container or a bespoke container then get in touch with us on 151 922 0610.






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