Movember Comes To Bootle Containers

Here at Bootle Containers we are very proud to announce that 9 members of staff have entered into the spirit of Movemeber!

Moustaches With  A Cause!

Mens health is something that often goes overlooked, especially by men! This is why our staff are sprouting ‘soup strainers’ to help raise awareness of the kind of stuff that fellas really don’t want to think about.

As well as reminding our fellow man of health problems faced by men, particularly prostate and testicular cancer, we are going to be raising some cold hard cash!

Who Will Win The Best Moustache Award?

Every participant who enters is donating £10 to a charity of their choice which will then be matched by Bootle Containers. What’s more, who ever wins the coveted ‘Best Moustache’ award will win an extra £25 for their chosen charity!

Who will judge this thrilling competition? The women of course! They may not be able to get fuzzy faced but they know a good muzzy when they see one!

Take Part In Movemeber!

We hope that all of you reading this will consider taking part in Movember this year. Growing a moustache is fun and supporting a great cause is even better! If you’re still not sold on the idea and prefer an upper lip as smooth as a baby’s bottom then why not sponsor a friend or colleague as they cultivate some well meaning facial hair?

Movemeber is an inspiring and motivating cause with a very bold and honest message. There is a lack of awareness surrounding men’s health issues. Men need to talk about their health, take action and drop the stigma!

Be part of Generation Mo not a startling statistic!

For more information on Movemeber visit


Further more……..

Willing staff have been working hard over the last week growing all manner of styles including the painter’s brush, the Burt Reynolds and two Fu Manchus of varying quality. Are current leader in the facial fluff charity event is Bootle Containers Managing Director Les Richards (Please use picture attached).

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