Multi-Axis Hybrid Press-Brakes Ahoy!

We don’t know if it’s the word ‘multi-axis’ or the word ‘hybrid’ that makes this machine sound so cool! Maybe it’s not the name that makes is so good, maybe it’s the fact that it is yet more state of the art technology at Bootle Containers! We love it and we know that our customers will too! As always we have their needs in mind, that’s why we make investment after investment and keep up to date with all the technological breakthroughs in the container industry.

To stay ahead in the game and offer all of our customers the best service possible we have purchased a Amada 4 metre HFT 220 press brake. Multi-axis press brakes are what we in the business call a bending machine. Not such a snazzy name but that’s pretty much what it does.

The Amada 4 metre HFT 220 press brake is something that it’s creator, Amada is very proud of. So much so that they consider it their flagship of the Amada press-brake range.

Or us, we see it as a high speed machine that will offer our customers all kinds of advantages. Greater precision in the accuracy of bent components is always something that is sort after and with our new piece of kit we know our customers will benefit from it.

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